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Breed Screening

For small animal appointments call (979) 845-2351 Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Emergencies accepted 24 hours a day

The cardiology service would like to enhance our relationships with breeders by offering the following reduced-cost, breed-specific exams for apparently healthy dogs and cats:

Wellness Breed Screen Clinic

  • For apparently healthy dogs and cats known to have an increased risk of heart disease
  • Must not have a known murmur or any signs of heart disease
  • Must not be pregnant, nursing or in heat
  • Offered one day a month (see dates below)
  • The reduced cost screening will only be available during the scheduled screening clinic
  • Animals that require sedation to complete an echocardiogram are not eligible for the reduced cost screening clinics, but are welcome to make a regular appointment with cardiology by contacting 979-845-2351 or A referral is not needed for the clinic.
  • To find out more information and/or register for an upcoming clinic, please contact Kathy Glaze at 979-845-2351 or

Clinic Dates

  • November 10th, 2017 (Closed)

Auscultation of a Litter

  • Reduced fee for auscultation of a litter of puppies or kittens under 4 months of age
  • Offered as scheduled appointments through the cardiology service. Call 979-845-2351 or contact Kathy Glaze at

Clinic: Fee Includes:
Breed Screen per Animal Exam fee + Echocardiogram for each dog/cat
Litter Screen per Litter Exam fee + Auscultation of each puppy/kitten