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We found out when our sweet Duce was only 16 months old (October 2007) that he had DCM. From an x-ray our veterinarian made, he said we needed help because of Duce's enlarged heart.

We live in Arkansas and when we started looking for a cardiologist, we found that cardiologists for animals were basically only available in cities where there are colleges of veterinarian medicine. With the help of God, we were able to discover that Dr. Ashley B. Saunders travels each month for a couple of days and to see patients in the Animal Diagnostic Clinic in Dallas, Texas.

DuceWe were able to get to her within the next month. She said Duce had only about 10% heart function and she was amazed he was not having any more problems than he was. She started him on taurine (his blood level was low normal) and on Vetmedin (Pimobendan) immediately. Duce soon became very energetic and we could just tell he was doing better. Duce first improved and then remained stable for over two years before starting to have problems. He was a very happy dog and was able to live quite normally until the last few months of his life. Dr. Ashley Saunders helped Duce have over two more good happy years of life and allowed us to have so many sweet memories of him that we would have never had. We want to thank Dr. Saunders for everything she did for Duce and our family and for being so available to us.

Rebecca and Jillian Stroud