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This is our precious girl, Maggie, at three months old and just before she died at 12 years old. There was never a more precious soul. From the moment she was born until the moment she left this earth, she was totally convinced that everyone loved her.

If anyone had ever said "bad dog" to her, she would have looked over her shoulder to see who we could possibly be talking about because she knew it couldn't be her.

We loved other dogs before her and other dogs since her, but Maggie was special. She took every step I took. If I got up from a chair to walk to the refrigerator, she would walk with me. If I closed the door to the refrigerator and walked to the stove, she would walk with me. She was my girl.

So, when Maggie went into congestive heart failure, I would have been willing to do anything to insure she had the very best care. That led us to A&M. Her happy life was extended by over a year thanks to the Cardiology staff's skill and commitment. Every one of those days meant so much to my husband and me.


But as I reflect on it now, I realize that in addition to the Pimobendan and the medical expertise, I appreciated everyone's compassion towards me. I've spent more than one afternoon sobbing in the halls at the Small Animal Clinic. Maggie's heart wasn't the only one that was broken and they seemed to know how to deal with that as well.

Thank you Sonya, Ashley, Matt, Risa, Kathy - everyone.

Linda Quick - Dallas, Texas