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Midori & Stormy

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Midori charmed her way into my life at a year old. She entered my life at full speed - and left this world - enjoying life all the way. Her affectionate nickname was Me-Me .... as in me me first at everything. So maybe it was kismet that I ended up with Midori and her half brother Stormy down at Texas A&M for heart workups as both Cavaliers had gone into CHF within 2 weeks of each other. I remember the feeling of utter fear when Dr. Sonya Gordon felt that upon examination that both dogs would benefit from Pimobendan. The fear being that both dogs were not at the stage the other dogs they had tried on Pimobendan were - but that the feeling was their quality of life would change dramatically for the better. I agreed to put them on the Pimobendan. Can I say I have NEVER regretted my decision. Within 36 hours I had PUPPIES again. What I had written off as dogs getting older - was really their hearts slowing young bodies down. Stormy was 10 at the time and Midori almost 10 when both were first started on Pimobendan.

StormyPimobendan gave me happy dogs again ..... you can see Midori's picture above after 2 years on Pimobendan ... she was still going strong and most importantly loving life. I encourage everyone I know to seek information on pimobendan - I use both of my "kids" as poster children for "life after heart failure". Both Midori and Stormy are gone now but both were given YEARS of running, playing, chasing puppies, and more importantly giving and receiving lots of love. I am thankful everyday for the chance/life/hope these guys were given by the "miracle drug" Pimobendan and the great care they received by the staff at Texas A&M led by Dr Sonya Gordon and Kathy Glaze ... this winning combination truly gave my guys "life".

Barb Hoorman