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Small Animal Radiology

For small animal appointments call (979) 845-2351 Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Emergencies accepted 24 hours a day

Radiography is an important part of diagnostic imaging in veterinary medicine. The radiology service in the small animal hospital performs thousands of studies every year on dogs, cats, and exotic pets.  X-ray images (radiographs) allow radiologists and other specialists to examine the body for injury or disease. Not only used for bones, radiographs provide examination of the heart, lungs, and abdominal organs. Radiography is often the first line of diagnostic imaging with which a radiologist can either make a diagnosis, or direct the need for further imaging. It is quick, painless, and economical. In some cases, follow-up examinations are used to monitor a patient's progress throughout the hospital stay.

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All radiographic studies at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital are directed and reviewed by board certified radiologists, the specialists of diagnostic imaging. A dedicated team of licensed veterinary technicians work closely with the radiologists to perform both routine and specialized exams. Advanced procedures such as contrast radiography, positional radiography, nuclear medicine (bone scans), and fluoroscopy (real time moving radiography) are performed daily.

Digital radiography has revolutionized both human and veterinary medicine due to its convenience and improved detail for soft tissues. All radiographic studies performed at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital are digital. This means that multiple experts can be examining the patient's radiographs throughout the hospital at the same time. A surgeon can consult with a radiologist from the surgery room while both see the same images from different locations. We can also provide a CD copy of the images to you or your primary veterinarian for more complete records.

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Interpretation of Referral Images

Our board certified veterinary radiologists offer interpretation of radiographic images made by referring practices. This includes interpretation of the following diagnostic imaging modalities (radiography, CT, and MRI). A radiographic interpretation will be provided, both with telephone and written report, within 1 business day following the receipt of the images and information form.

This service is provided during normal weekday business hours. No afterhours, weekend, or STAT interpretation is currently available.

How to submit a case for interpretation

To submit a case for interpretation, you must first do both of the following:

  1. Call 979-845-9081 to receive image upload (or delivery) instructions, provide billing information, and receive client-patient information form
  2. And submit client-patient information form to . (Only this email address should be used to submit the form and requests for interpretation.) Please include the DVM’s name and Hospital into the subject line.

Interpretation can only proceed following receipt of billing information (referring DVM), client information, and patient information (including signalment and pertinent history).

Images transferred in DICOM format are preferred. TIFF and JPEG images can be submitted but may be of lesser diagnostic quality. (No smaller than 150 DPI, Pixels/inch)


  • Radiographic Interpretation (<10 Images): $68
  • Radiographic Interpretation (≥ 10 images): $80.00
  • MRI/CT Interpretations= $100.00 for primary area (i.e. spine, thorax, abdomen, head, pelvis, limb; post-contrast images included), $50 for each secondary area.