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Vesicular stomatitis

Vesicular stomatitis (VS) is a viral disease that usually affects horses and cattle. While it seldom poses a serious threat to the life of affected animals, it is very important in our country because the clinical signs are almost indistinguishable from Foot and Mouth Disease, a disease that has been eradicated from North America for decades. Therefore, our animal health agencies have made VS a reportable disease.

Animals with VS or those that have been exposed to the disease are quarantined to the premises. However, under some circumstances the Texas Animal Health Commission will allow movement of these animals in emergency situations to travel to a veterinary hospital that has appropriate isolation facilities. Our isolation facilities have been recognized by the Texas Animal Health Commission as safe and appropriate for the isolation of VS-quarantined horses. Therefore, we are proud to be able to accept these horses for treatment of serious diseases to the extent that our isolation facilities are available. We will accept VS-quarantined horses for treatment providing that:

  1. one of our VMTH veterinarians has discussed the case by telephone with the referring veterinarian treating the horse and both of them have determined that it is essential that the horse come to our hospital for treatment
  2. the Texas Animal Health Commission has been notified and has authorized that the horse may leave the quarantined premises ( we will call to make arrangements for this)
  3. we have adequate isolation facilities available.

We are pleased to be able to offer this service to our referring equine practitioners and to the horse owners of Texas.