The Food Animal Medicine & Surgery Service is committed to supporting producers
and their animals through patient care for our primary and referral patients.

A Better Life

Our team operates in one of the finest hospital facilities of its kind. We have all of the equipment and space necessary to take the best care of your livestock including processing chutes, tilt chutes, tables for lameness workups, and surgery facilities for all livestock species.

We are also active in other aspects of food animal medicine—providing consultation services for producers and veterinarians throughout the state addressing livestock nutrition and disease outbreaks.

Our clinical faculty are recognized nationally for their expertise in their respective fields and routinely participate in continuing education and scientific programs throughout the state of Texas, across the country, and around the world.

They are active in the clinical training of our fourth-year veterinary students, residents, and interns, and lead many clinical research programs dedicated to infectious disease, environmental health, epidemiology, livestock production, and patient-centered research efforts.

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