Arytenoid Chondritis

This disease is a result of an infection in the arytenoid cartilages, which cover the opening of the trachea. Frequently we do not notice any clinical signs until the later stages of the disease. There is no increased tendency for infection in the left or right arytenoid cartilage. Clinical signs seen with this disease include coughing, whistling, roaring, feed material and water coming out of the horse’s nostrils.Arytneoid chondritis


Video endoscopy, Dynamic endoscopy

Treatment options

Mild cases

Systemic anti-inflammatory medication and systemic antibiotics, local anti-inflammatory medication in the form of throat spray

Moderate to severe cases

Arytenoidectomy- This procedure is done under general anesthesia with a small incision on midline just behind the horse mandible. The affected arytenoid cartilage is removed with this procedure. Following surgery the horse will receive systemic and local antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication.