Epiglottic Entrapment

This disease is secondary to the epiglottis being trapped below the aryepiglottic fold. The cause is either secondary to an excess amount of aryepiglottic tissue or inflammation of the aryepiglottic tissue. Clinical signs include rattling, wheezing, or gurgling when the horse is exercising. We can also see food and water coming from the horse’s nostrils.


Video endoscopy, dynamic endoscopy


The aryepiglottic tissue can be transected several ways. We prefer transect the tissue axially (in the middle) with a diode laser. With this procedure the horse is standing, sedated, and lidocaine is used to desensitize the tissue to be cut with the laser. The aryepiglottic tissue can also be cut with a guarded hook blade in a standing and sedated horse or under general anesthesia through a laryngotomy incision (under the horse’s chin).