Ethmoid Hematoma

This is a benign tumor or mass of tissue that originates from the ethmoid turbinates. The ethmoid turbinates are a structure in the horse’s upper airway that is partially in the sinus and an partially in the nasal passages. Clinical signs include blood tinged nasal discharge from one or both nostrils. This can be seen when the horse is at rest or when the horse is exercising.

Ethmoid Hematoma


Radiographs of skull, Video endoscopy, CT of head (gives the best diagnostic detail)


In horses with small tumors, the tumor is injected with formalin and allowed to necrosis. In cases with larger tumors a sinus flap is needed to remove the neoplastic tissue. A sinus flap involves opening a flap of bone, with the horse under general anesthesia, into the sinus to allow exposure of the tumor for removal. Following surgery the horse’s face heals with minimal cosmetic defects.