Our Food Animal Field Service provides on-farm care of cattle and small ruminants for producers and ranchers in the Bryan/College Station region.

A Better Life

While our team emphasizes proactive herd health management, our clinicians are capable of addressing most individual animal health issues that can occur in the field. We are fully integrated with the Large Animal Hospital and any patient requiring access to more advanced or specialized care can be readily transferred to our colleagues in the Hospital. Our clinical faculty, fourth year veterinary students, and support staff are committed to provide the highest quality care for your animals and to always be there for you when you need us. We are available for scheduled appointments Monday-Friday, and emergency calls are answered 24 hours a day. To contact Food Animal Field Service, call (979) 845-9135.

Your Care Team

As farmers, ranchers and producers ourselves, we understand the dedication and commitment required to properly care for your herd. Whether caring for a competitive 4-H project or a commercial cow calf operation, we are proud to be a partner in your livestock's healthcare.



Evelyn MacKay

Clinical Assistant Professor

Juan Romano

Associate Professor

Technicians & Staff


C.W. Haynes

Verterinary Technician

Erica Thompson

Veterinary Technician

Janni Kmiec

Veterinary Technician

Kyle Westfall

Veterinary Technician