Immunotherapy Refill

How do I get my pet’s immunotherapy (allergy injections or oral allergy drops) refilled?

  • For your convenience, immunotherapy may be refilled by calling the Texas A&M VMTH Pharmacy at 979.845.9115. We recommend you call two-to-three weeks before you actually need the immunotherapy.
  • For injections, please note if you are ordering “induction”, “first maintenance refill”, or “maintenance refill”, and if you need syringes.
  • Clients ordering the oral formulation of immunotherapy need to state they need more “oral allergy drops.”
  • Immunotherapy for pets residing outside of the greater Bryan/College Station area will be shipped to your local primary care veterinarian; he/she will demonstrate how to administer the shots or oral drops.
  • Local clients will receive a call from our Pharmacy when immunotherapy is available for pick-up. Immunotherapy demonstration for local pets can be scheduled with the Dermatology Service by calling 979.845.2351 or 979.412.3364 during normal business hours.
  • If there are any questions or concerns about immunotherapy purchase or purity, please call our Pharmacy at 979.845.9115.
  • Note: For other medication requests, call 979.845.9118.