Our Equine Sports Medicine & Imaging Service offers a one-of-a-kind experience for the special needs of the competitive horse.

A Better Life

The faculty of the Equine Sports Medicine & Imaging Service is dedicated to the successful performance and quality of life of your horse. They are nationally recognized for their expertise in lameness, performance problems, and prepurchase evaluations, we see horses for a broad range of conditions, from simple hoof abscesses to complicated and unique lameness problems.

Our service also has a full-time, certified farrier that provides services including simple walk-in hoof trimming and shoeing to corrective shoeing for complicated foot problems.

We work closely with the board-certified radiologists from our Diagnostic Imaging Service, who assist in the interpretation of the radiographs, ultrasounds, and nuclear scintigraphic examinations. We also have the largest radiographic machine in the state, which allows us to examine difficult-to-image areas like the hip, spine, and shoulder of the horse, and we have the only nuclear scintigraphy unit in the state.

In addition to providing clinical services, we also teach numerous classes and instruct veterinary students, residents, and interns in equine lameness.

We are committed to providing the highest quality service to all of our clients. Although our service commonly consults with veterinarians and many of our cases are referred, no referral is needed for an appointment.

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