Our Equine Theriogenology Service provides comprehensive and advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods to maximize reproductive efficiency in stallions and broodmares.

A Better Life

Led by nationally renowned experts in the field of stallion fertility and assisted reproductive techniques, our service is supported by 5 board-certified equine theriogenologists with diverse backgrounds and broad clinical interests. Our reproduction laboratory is a full service facility offering our patients and clients access to the latest assisted reproductive technologies including semen cryopreservation, low-dose insemination techniques, oocyte transfer, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, and cloning. We understand the challenges of and frustrations of a barren mare and work with our clients and referring veterinarians towards the ultimate successful outcome - a healthy foal. To schedule an appointment with one of our team, please call (979) 845-3541.

Your Care Team

Our clinical faculty are leaders in the field of equine reproduction. We understand the complex systems of a horse's body and have access to state-of-the-art technology and diagnostic tools to help you achieve your goals. Our entire team of clinicians, residents and interns, fourth year veterinary students, and support staff are dedicated individuals that appreciate a total approach to the health and well-being of horses.



Charles Love


Dickson Varner

Professor & Pin Oak Stud Chair of Stallion Reproductive Studies

Steven Brinsko




Dale Kelley

Veterinary Resident
Mariah Pearson

Mariah Pearson

Veterinary Resident

Technicians & Staff

LaCaze (Worden), Katrina-4×5

Katrina LaCaze

Veterinary Technician

Sheila Teague

Veterinary Technician