Laser ablation of ectopic ureters

Ectopic ureters are an uncommon congenital defect in dogs. Essentially, the ureter (the small tube carrying urine from a kidney to the bladder) bypasses the bladder and connects instead to the urethra (the tube connecting the bladder to the outside of the body). Affected dogs are usually incontinent and are predisposed to bladder infections. Also, the kidney may become damaged as the flow through the ureter is abnormal.

Affected dogs were traditionally treated with surgical re-implantation of the affected ureter. This is still necessary in some cases, but many dogs can be treated successfullly with minimally invasive techniques. Here at Texas A&M, we can often use a laser, guided by a cystoscope, to correct the defect. The procedure is less expensive than surgery and the recovery time is minimal.

Ectopic ureter kimba0004

Image of abnormal ureteral opening close to the neck of the bladder

Ectopic ureter kimba0006

Guidewire has been placed into the ectopic opening and advanced up the ureter

Ectopic ureter kimba0007

A yellow ureteral catheter has been placed over the guidewire

Ectopic ureter kimba0009

The tip of the diode laser is used to cut the membrane between the ectopic ureter and the urethra

Ectopic ureter kimba0010

The ureteral opening is now in the urinary bladder