We understand how overwhelming your pet’s cancer diagnosis can be. Our board-certified specialists are leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. We have helped hundreds of animals live a long, happy life.

A Better Life

As the leading veterinary cancer specialists in the state, we are dedicated to helping you and your pet have a better life by offering the most advanced chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgical treatments. We are the only veterinary hospital in Texas to offer an integrated oncology service by having a fellowship trained surgical oncologist on staff. We work with anesthesia and critical care specialists to give our patients personalized treatment plans. Our patients also benefit from our onsite clinical trials focused on promising new treatments.

Your Care Team

We work in partnership with you, your veterinarian, and our other in-house specialists to provide comprehensive cancer care. Talk with your veterinarian today about scheduling a consultation.



Brandan Wustefeld-Janssens

Assistant Professor of Surgical Oncology
Emma Warry

Emma Warry

Clinical Associate Professor
Heather Robles

Heather M. Wilson-Robles

Assistant Department Head of Research, Associate Professor and Fred A. and Vola N. Palmer Chair in Comparative Oncology

Jacqueline R. Davidson

Clinical Professor
Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith

Clinical Assistant Professor

Michael A. Deveau

Clinical Associate Professor
No photo available

Shay Bracha

Associate Professor

Vanna Dickerson

Assistant Professor



Christian Stocks

Radiation Resident

Christine Chang

Christopher Dolan

Christopher Dolan

Veterinary Resident
Kira Bourne

Kira Bourne



Danielle Hollenbeck

Danielle Hollenbeck

Surgery Intern

Regina Hayburn


Technicians & Staff

Franks, Courtney – Vet. TEch Assistant – SA Onco. – 10-22-20 (1)

Courtney Franks

Veterinary Technician Assistant
Stone, Emily – Vet Tech I – Ward Nurse SA Onco – 10-9-20 (1)

Emily Stone

Veterinary Technician I - Ward Nurse
Jaci Christensen

Jaci P. Christensen

Veterinary Technician
Jill Jarvis

Jill Jarvis

Veterinary Technician
julio peraza

Julio Peraza

Veterinary Technician I

Linda Rojas Knight

Veterinary Technician

Liz Wood

Veterinary Technician

Paula Plummer

Veterinary Technician LVT, VTS (ECC, SAIM)